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Welcome to Gothchics, please allow me to help you better navigate our website. Our galleries are set up and use java, dynamic html and other codes. TO browse our galleries click on any thumbnail image, a larger image will appear on the same screen. you can navigate between photos by clicking on the white frame that is around the images, click to the left to go to previous images, and click to the right to go to the next images. To view titles of items scroll down with your mouse scroll or arrow keys. This is also where you will find the 'close' buttons to return to the navigational portion of our website.

Why GothChics?

My favorite style to create is Gothic, but I create whatever strikes my inspiration. I aim to create things that are stylish and chic for both female and male dolls. You may look at "chics" and think I've just simply misspelled "Chicks" it is a combination of Gothic, Chic and Chicks. "Gothshique" would be the proper pronunciation, the S is silent and there primarily for decoration, or because I like writing S's. You may also factor into your consideration that I am originally from the south and we can be lazy spellers/speakers; dropping/adding letters and running words together in a chaotic manner, this doesn't mean we're uneducated, simply that we have our own way of doing things.

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